The girl and her father were struck by an unoccupied SUV.

By Karen Mizoguchi
January 18, 2018

A five-year-old cancer survivor from Toronto, Canada, was anticipating the one-year anniversary of completing chemotherapy when tragedy struck.

On Monday, kindergarten student Camila Torcato and her father Amilcar Torcato were leaving North York’s St. Raphael Catholic School and in a drop-off area when an unoccupied Hyundai SUV struck the pair, pinning them between the driverless car and their own vehicle, according to the Toronto Star.

Camila was rushed to SickKids Hospital where Amilcar was told by doctors that his daughter’s organs were failing and she was bleeding internally. The young girl died of her injuries later that same evening.

“Unfortunately God has taken Camila from us, having fought off cancer at 3 and yet again facing a tragic accident at 5, the only thing that we can believe is that she was a true angel,” a statement on Camila’s GoFundMe page read. “The people who really suffer from these type of events are the parents who have to live on without their child and they deserve all the support that they can get so they can find peace, without the financial stress that our society can create.”

After completing chemotherapy, Camila received a clean bill of health in February and was cleared to start school in September.

“She was a very special girl, she had problems before, she had cancer, but she was a fighter. She was a very sweet girl, shy, but very sweet; my mind is filled with her memories,” grieving father Amilcar told the Toronto Star on Tuesday. “I went to pick her up in school because the day before she asked me if I could. Usually, her mom picks her up, but that day I did.”

Adding, “It would be a year now after finishing chemotherapy and this just happened yesterday. There are so many memories of playing with her, and going with her to places she liked to go to like the beach, playing in the snow, outside, she liked being outside all the time.”

Ward 9 Council Maria Augimeri told CTV News on Tuesday that the area where Camila was fatally run over is a high traffic zone.

“Parents have to be extra vigilant when they are dropping off their kids and picking them up. There is really like a maze to get through. Police do their best to try to keep a lid on the situation but accidents will happen,” she said.

“This is the most tragic one I have ever seen,” Augimeri added.

Authorities are still investigating what happened at the drop-off area.