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By Staff
January 05, 2017

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You've set a health goal for 2017. Now stay on track and stick to your resolution by using one of these fitness journals or workout logs to keep tabs on your daily meals and more. After a few days, weeks or months, check back in to see how far you've progressed—and to set new goals as the year carries on.

Eat Drink Move Sleep: A Health Tracking Journal

Getting healthier in the new year isn’t all about the food you eat and the weights you lift. This journal’s pages allow you to record workouts and meals, but it also has space for you to record daily notes on sleep, mood and more, so you can improve habits and feel great ($12;

Believe Training Journal

Created by professional runners Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas, this journal is made to help runners achieve their goals. The journal has space to record daily workouts and plan training weeks, but it also features photos, advice, inspirational quotes and secrets from real runners on how to push your body to the limit ($15;

Weekly Workout Journal and Food Diary

Made for on-the-go tracking, this journal is smaller than most but features two key pages, one for recording workout routines and another for daily food logging. Its look and layout are simple and straight-forward, so you can put your time and effort into working towards results ($13;

Fitlosophy Goal Getter Fitspiration Journal

This journal features 114 entries for 16 weeks of inspiration through healthy tips, motivational quotes, and space for notes and reflection on each page. Rate each day and write notes on workout quality, food intake, mood and more. It’s like carrying a motivating companion with you each day ($24;

Fitness Journal 2017 Notebook and Food Planner

Another simple way to achieve your fitness and health goals in 2017. This journal’s pages are formatted for one year’s worth of workouts and food planning—it’s up to you to fill in the blanks and record your journey to a better you ($6;

Fitlosophy Fitbook

​Stay accountable with this detailed log book featuring 12 weeks of goal-setting, planning and measurement pages. There are spaces for writing in eating habits, including nutrients, vitamins, water and sleep, and also features a built-in small pen and sleeve for workouts, cards, cash and more ($23;

Gym Diary Workout Log Book and Food Journal​

Counting calories? Looking to build strength at the gym? Whatever your looking to do in 2017, this gym diary is an easy way to record exactly what you eat and how quickly you can reach a new PR at the gym ($6;

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