And they’re all under $20.

By Laura Reilly
September 27, 2019
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Once we realized we could shop for high-quality, ingredient-conscious skincare products on Amazon for a fraction of the price we pay for “name brand” products elsewhere, the game was officially changed.

Naturally, over years of testing a broad spectrum of lotions and potions from Amazon’s beauty department, some under-the-radar brands have risen to cult status. Perhaps none of those has found quite as large a cult following as InstaNatural.

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InstaNatural, though sold elsewhere, is best-known as an ‘Amazon beauty brand,’ and its products command a great deal of consumer and media interest. We’ve even covered the brand previously — for its top-rated vitamin C serum and its highly anticipated Prime Day sale.

Its best-sellers are anti-aging powerhouses that include a Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E with over 1,500 perfect ratings, an Eye Gel Cream with nearly 1,400 reviews, and a Retinol Moisturizer with over 2,500 glowing customer reviews.

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Since launching in 2015, InstaNaturals has sold over a million serums. This marks a major milestone for the brand, but is no huge shock, given how loyal customers are to the brand’s life changing products.

Aside from their efficacy, what’s most attractive about Instanatural’s anti-aging serums is how affordable they are. Nearly every individual product in its lineup is under $20, a virtually unheard of price point in the anti-aging category, which regularly commands upwards of $100 per one-ounce bottle.

Customers are truly obsessed with (and extremely loyal to) this tried and true skincare brand. Shop InstaNatural on Amazon starting at just $8.

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