By Ruthie Friedlander, InStyle
January 25, 2017

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So you want to be a ballerina but you can’t arabesque to save your life. And truth be told, the real reason you want to dance is for the chic outfits: those perfect pink leotards and cozy knit leg warmers – it’s all so Valentino, isn’t it?

I understand your pain. So does Puma. So for this season’s ‘DO YOU’ campaign (a follow up from last year’s, which featured Cara Delevingne), the sports brand teamed up with the New York City Ballet to create the PUMA Swan Pack Collection.

The collection is made up of a moisture-wicking “Explosive” body suit, a number of sneakers (our favorite is the Basket Heart, which has toe-shoe-esque laces), and a Natalie-Portman-in-Black-Swan worthy cape. YES. A CAPE: all-black with feather detailing. The entire collection? Everything you could need to become a prima ballerina.

The Swan Pack collection will be available worldwide starting February 1st at Chassé away!

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