Nordstrom reviewers have unearthed what might be the most universally comfortable bra.

By Laura Reilly
January 24, 2019
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Plus, it’s editor-approved for big busts.

Finding a truly good bra that fits absolutely perfectly is like finding a $100 bill on the ground. You probably know someone who knows someone who found one, and you really wish you would, too, but your odds are just shy of lottery-winning good. For most people, a ‘just okay’ bra is what we’re stuck with — but that could change for you now.

Nordstrom reviewers have unearthed what might be the most universally comfortable bra. The Feathers Underwire Contour Bra by Natori has over 2,600 nearly perfect reviews, all from buyers with diverse boob shapes and sizes.

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Available in 10 colors, this t-shirt bra is designed to be undetectable underneath all types of fabric. Narrow panels of lace edge the cups and along the band to soften the overall look, and are flat enough to avoid any bunching under your shirt.

This style runs in a super-broad range of sizes, all the way from 30A to 38DD, with adjustments made on necessary elements of the construction, such as widening the straps for larger sizes. Bear in mind that Nordstrom recommends ordering one cup size above your usual, but staying true to your band number for the best fit.

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An intelligent blend of super-stretchy fibers like nylon and spandex makes this lightly lined bra incredibly comfortable and breathable all day long.

The feedback from reviewers of all different sizes is positively glowing. One commenter says, “I have a smaller chest and have a pretty difficult time finding a bra that doesn’t just devour my boobs. This one fits like a glove.”

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Another, larger-chested reviewer writes, “I can wear it for 16 hours and be happy. The overlay of lace helps keep very large breasts from escaping!”

Nordstrom reviewers aren’t the only ones who gush about this magical bra. One of Real Simple’s own editors give it her stamp of approval for bustier ladies, saying “This bra was initially recommended to me (size 36E) at a professional fitting at Journelle, and I took a look at it and worried it wouldn't be supportive enough. But I took a chance and am so glad I did. It's soft and comfortable to wear for hours on end, and unlike most bras at my size, I actually look forward to wearing it because it's so pretty. The matching underwear is great, too!.”

Pick up one (in each color) of these rave-reviewed, comfortable bras today for $68, and never settle for “just okay” again.

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