“Not gonna pretend that I eat here guys, cause I don’t.”

By Camille Nzengung
December 19, 2018

Victoria’s Secret model Kelly Gale follows a very strict diet to get her body in tip-top runway shape, one that doesn’t include In-N-Out burgers or Neapolitan shakes or animal style fries (I know, I know) — a point she made ridiculously clear during a recent outing to the fast-food chain.

The 23-year-old found herself at the center of a controversy after she posted a series of Instagram videos in which she's seen eating a pear inside the restaurant and later exercising on the tables outside of the chain.

In the Instagram story, which was obtained by E!, Gale sits with a friend at a table, saying, “We’re at … In-N-Out? So, I guess I’m having my pear,” before taking a bite.

In another clip, the Angel is shown jumping rope and practicing her lunges — all while still at In-N-Out, captioning the post, “Who else works out at In-N-Out?”

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“Not gonna pretend that I eat here guys cause I don’t,” she added on another post. The story finished with the star receiving a grocery bag full of vegetables as a reward for all of her hard work.

As to be expected, the video garnered a lot of backlash online, with many people accusing the model of fat-shaming In-N-Out customers; they also criticized her for exercising directly in front of the restaurant.

Others, however, sided with her comments, saying that she was drawing attention to healthy lifestyle.

While it's true that models have, in the past, been criticized for posing with burgers and pizzas "for the 'gram" when those foods are not actually a part of their diets, Gale's decision to make her point in front of other customers trying to enjoy a meal is not, perhaps, the best way to make her point.

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Regardless of Gale's intentions with the videos, the backlash certainly isn't helping Victoria's Secret. The brand has dealt with quite a bit in the past few months, including aftershocks of a PR disaster after their chief marketing officer Ed Razek made offensive comments about transgender models.

For the brand's sake, hopefully things begin to turn around.

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